CodeGuru Profiler

CodeGuru Profiler setup.

go to the CodeGuru console:

  1. Select Profiling groups from Profiler on the left menu. codeguru01

  2. Select Create profiling groups at the top right. codeguru01

  3. Enter concurrencysample-profiler in Name of Profiling group details in Create profiling group. click Create at the bottom right. codeguru01

  4. Enter WebAppRole in choose users and roles in the Manage permissions for concurrencysample-profiler box. Select the checkbox on the left and click Save to save. codeguru01

  5. Profiler can be found in the main of the source code,

    public static void main(final String[] args) {
        // Start the profiler

    If you want to link to a different report group, please specify concurrencysample-profiler, the parameter of profilingGroupName, with a different report group name.

  6. The connection between the CodeGuru Profiler and the instance is now complete.