If you know the concept and CI/CD and CodeSeries, junp to Step 2 (lab environment).


Name contents
master Production Code or Production-ready Code
develop Integration Branch, development progress

The lab environment consists of two branches, master and develop. Each branch consists of a build and deployment environment using Code Pipeline. Committing the code to Develop branch are immediately deploying to the development environment, while committing code to master branch are immediately deploying to the production environment.


Therefore, the code review and unit test results is very important when merging to master branch. This should be able to be immediately delivered to the developer.

This lab covers visualizing the results of the automated unit test with CodeBuild when diff in develop are merged into master. And using CodeGuru to show you how to code review automated in pull-request.

It also includes content to visualize Code Coverage measured using jacoco.

Now, I will explain the concepts of CI/CD and the services to be used in the lab.