CodeGuru Reviewer

The final code is deploy to the production environment by merging the code that solved the problem to the master via Pull-Request.

  1. Now ready for production code. The develop branch’s code has passed all unit tests and deploy, so we will deploy it to the production environment. developers usually don’t have permission to push directly to the master branch. So, through pull-request, we will go through a code review with a senior developer or a other developer and merge it in the master. But I`m not sure..there may be other problems we may not know.

  2. Go to the CodeCommit console to create a pull-request.

    Go to CodeCommit:

  3. Select Repositories in Source and click on concurrencysample. pr1

  4. Select Pull requests from Repositories and click Create pull request in the upper right. pr2

  5. Create pull request, Destination set master and Source set develop and click the Compare button. pr3

  6. Enter pr concurrencytest in Title, for workshop in Description, and select Create pull request on the right. pr3

You have created a pull-request. Now let`s see what happens.